Portfolio for Bloomberg Businessweek


Tan Line Gradient Studies

Found images of people with tan lines online, then created gradient swatches made from the colors of their tan and pale skin.


Tucson Craigslist Unclicked/Clicked

Clicked every link on the Craigslist Tucson homepage and took screenshots before and after.


Every Circle K in Tucson, Arizona

Zine that documents every Circle K store in Tucson, AZ (during the year 2008). I used an early version of Google Street View to source and screenshot the images. 


All of the pixels manually erased from the most expensive photograph sold at auction

Erased every other pixel from a digital image of Andreas Gursky's 99 Cent II Diptychon. After doing this, I started over and erased the other half of pixels that I didn't get the first time (resulting in two images where the 'even' and 'odd' pixels were erased).

All of the Even Pixels Manually Erased from the Most Expensive Photograph Sold at Auction

All of the Odd Pixels Manually Erased from the Most Expensive Photograph Sold at Auction


Survey of Neighborhood Paintings

Photo series that documents markings around to-be-filled potholes in the neighborhood I was living in at the time. 



Made-up star constellations found in a default Mac OS desktop background. 


Spray Tan Monochromes

Series of paintings that were made by applying an entire can of spray tan solution onto each canvas. Each is painting is the result of a different brand or type of spray tan solution. 


Decorative Rocks (Set in Stone)

The urbandictionary.com definitions for 'Set in Stone' and 'Set in Jello' sandblasted into river rocks. 


Banners for MOCA Tucson

For a solo exhibition at MOCA Tucson (Next Time), I created banners by replicating the background designs from banners located around downtown Tucson. The banners were printed without any content or copy on them and then hung on the exterior of the museum.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 4.51.51 PM.png

Pnl. EM. 17

Also in Next Time was a slideshow of images that were sourced from google searching "Pnl. EM. 17" - a note that was written on an electrical outlet at MOCA Tucson by an unknown person during the building's previous use as a fire station. The 900 images were compiled into a video that looped on an iPhone that was plugged into the outlet.